Italian Tutor & Founder

... a tiny rather than small business for now, including only Monica,
but with lots of potential and plenty of enthusiasm !
— Magica Fossati, SBS Radio

This is my Italian story…

I was born in autumn just after the harvest of Nebbiolo, 31 years ago in a tiny village in Piedmont called Govone. I grew up in my grandparents’ grocery store and with them I learned the beautiful art of hospitality, smiling and being kind with all the customers, all of whom we knew by name.

I studied Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin, where I lived for 6 years and I graduated in 2011 with a thesis on energy sustainable buildings.

BUT If you grow up between the Langhe & Roero hills, food, wine, beautiful landscapes and hospitality become part of your soul and it’s hard to stay far away from them, in front of a computer, even if your office is in one of the most iconic buildings in Turin.

After many experiences in different fields between architecture, hospitality and events managing I finally discovered that my path in life was to share all that I know about my beloved country, its infinite culture and its romantic language.

This is why, in 2018, I founded Su Misura Italy! I now offer tailored Italian classes in private and small group settings, as well as workshops and events in Victoria and Piemonte.

My method, your method

I worked as an Italian Tutor in San Sebastian, Perth, Melbourne & now in the Mornington Peninsula. I have helped more than 100 people to learn Italian in a “non traditional” way. Customized material & lots of practical conversation is what I think makes my service different from a traditional class environment. Usually I start with a free phone chat where I will ask you few questions about you (we are all different and we all learn in a different way).

Every class will be tailored to you. No expensive books are required as the material will be sent to you or printed before the lesson. We can have classes at my studio, walking around the art gallery, the city or anywhere you like. I love to make my clients practice their language in practical situations. So I will use creativity to make sure that you’ll never get bored.



I always look forward to classes with Monica! Lessons are structured and always surrounding topics that she has tailored to your interests. The learning environment is safe and fun, and my love for the language and confidence grow more and more each time. I couldn’t recommend Monica enough!
— Emily
One of the kindest, cleverest and most original educators in italian language and culture. highly recommended.
— Elizabeth
I highly recommend Monica to anyone who wants to learn Italian. She’s extremely observant with this evident in the preparation and tailoring of our sessions to suit my learning style. She’s very engaging and creates an environment free of distractions which I find helpful when trying to consolidate. The support beyond the sessions is extremely appreciated and she’s always encouraging.
— Ayla
I just started Italian tutoring for year 12 not long ago and Monica has created a comfortable environment where I am not afraid to speak in Italian, no matter how long it takes me and she picks up where needed. I am certain that by the end of the year I will feel confident and be able to complete my exam with full certainty of doing extremely well!! As well as having conversations, Monica includes different types of learning into her lessons with me.
— Isabella
Monica’s lessons are always fun and engaging. She makes you feel confident enough to speak and before you know it, you’re just chatting away about things that interest you, learning the whole time without being buried in a textbook. I have no hesitation recommending Monica to anyone who wants to learn Italian in a practical way that is also very friendly and encouraging.
— Jon